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Saturday, November 26, 2022

More Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s airport needs

In response to numerous letters from Ocala/Marion County residents that discussed bringing commercial flights to Ocala International Airport, more residents wrote in and shared their thoughts on the topic.

“I understand both opinions, but I know that Ocala is in a growing phase right now, and eventually the airport is going to be needed for tourists, families, and businesses. Many people, as you have seen, are already coming here to do business. Let’s face it, when people from all over the United States are coming to retire in Florida, new opportunities will arise. This point about ‘let’s leave Ocala the way it is’ is a great idea, but as we continually keep growing, many needs are coming along the way. New business will be coming along with the construction of new buildings and houses. All of this will eventually be coming and it is unstoppable. Since people want to visit their families across the United States and the whole world, more demands will come to open an international airport in Ocala. I see many changes in Ocala coming at an accelerated speed,” Ocala resident Santos Ruiz.

“Ocala desperately needs a ‘commercial airport’ now. It is a total waste of time to travel all the way to Orlando International Airport and back, not counting the fuel cost, especially when my family and friends come to visit my wife and I. It is way overdue for this need to be met. Ocala is growing too fast for any more delays on commercial flights,” says Roy Moore,
Ocala resident.

“As for the Ocala International Airport becoming commercial, I say no. Our city is being overburdened with housing, car washes, and gas stations. The beauty of the countryside is gone with huge housing complexes taking the scenery. Taxes will go up considerably. A lot of lower income home owners, such as myself, wouldn’t be able to meet the cost and would be forced to sell. But the way I see it, the city will do what it will. We really have no say in the matter,” says Ocala resident Roger Andrews.

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