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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Several Ocala residents submit letters to discuss city’s airport needs

Several more residents recently submitted letters to share their thoughts on Ocala’s airport needs.

“We travel every year to see our family and it’s getting more difficult to arrange transportation to Orlando/Sanford International Airport, and the cost of that arrangement is getting out of hand. We are getting up there in age. We used to drive to see or family, but that’s definitely out of reach now. It would be a great benefit to fly out of Ocala,” says Ocala resident Richard Spaans.

“It’s not happening anytime soon. For those of you that are so inconvenienced by not having a commercial airport in Ocala, I suggest that you move closer to an airport. It will be a lot cheaper and a better option for you than trying to build a $1 billion airport that will sustain commercial flights for a few inconvenienced residents. I have to chuckle when I read about residents that say, “I have to pay $100 or more to go to the airport or drive an hour away,” and then they mention that they just recently moved here. Oh, and here’s a little secret I will share: Gainesville’s airport is only 30 minutes away. It’s a hidden gem and they have commercial flights there,” says Tom Pajevic, Ocala resident.

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