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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New Ocala resident says city needs Costco in all four quadrants

To the Editor:

I will be a new resident in Ocala at the end of the month, and I have been checking out the distance and choices of stores to shop in Ocala. I will go a little further and say we need a Costco in all four quadrants of Ocala.

We should have more choices to do our grocery shopping, not just Publix and Walmart. Costco gives us more choices and a variety to choose from when shopping. There are things I can only get from Costco that the other stores do not offer, such as their Kirkland Mango Juice, Almond Milk, etc., and the prices of their water can’t be beat. The other chains sell things at a higher price.

Also, with the gas prices so high, we need a club chain that will give its members a better choice of gas as well.

Diane Turner
New Ocala resident

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