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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Several Ocala residents discuss complaints from city’s newcomers

Several Ocalans recently submitted letters to discuss multiple complaints that they have heard from some of the city’s newest residents.

“Why do people move to a city and do nothing but complain about the roads, the airport, the store availability, the housing, etc.? Would you not be better off embracing the great wonderful things that Ocala has to offer? Yes, traffic has gotten worse with more people moving here. Yes, we need an airport. Costco would be wonderful, and so would more restaurant choices and less gas stations, diners, self storage facilities, and car washes. But we are surrounded by nature and are still fortunate enough to be a small town. Enjoy, people, and stop complaining,” says Ocala resident Linda Halaychik.

“Why don’t all these newcomers to Ocala that complain about our shopping go back where they came from? They knew about all that before the chose to move here. We have way too many new people moving to Ocala. It used to be a nice, quiet town, and now it’s just a mess. Those of us that grew up here liked our quiet, friendly town,” says Kay Voge, Ocala resident.

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