Rodent droppings force closure of popular Ocala sandwich shop

An Ocala sandwich shop was forced to temporarily close last week after a health inspector found 12 violations – five of which were considered of high or intermediate priority.

A health inspector cited 12 violations last week when forcing the Subway sandwich shop at 2210 E Silver Springs Blvd. to temporarily close its doors.

The inspector visited the Subway restaurant just before the lunch hour on Jan. 22 and cited as a high-priority violation nine hard rodent droppings in a cabinet containing single sugar packets in the dining area. The second high-priority violation was recorded after the inspector found a live roach behind the front counter, a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation states.

Three intermediate violations also were recorded at the eatery, located at 2210 E Silver Springs Blvd. One was because there was no soap at a wash area and the bathrooms didn’t have hand-wash signs. Another came because two spray bottles containing a toxic substance weren’t labeled. And the third was for the store’s manager having no proof of food manager certification, the report says.

Seven basic violations also were cited. Those included:

  • Food debris and trash on shelving under a reach-in cooler and steam table at the front line;
  • An employee’s yogurt stored on the top shelf in a walk-in cooler;
  • An employee’s jacket hanging on a dry storage shelf;
  • A back door with a small crack allowing light to pass through it;
  • Floor tiles missing and others heavily soiled with food and packaging debris;
  • No copy of the latest inspection report available; and
  • A hand sink in a wash area leaking near the sink basket under the basin.

The inspector returned the next day and cited the missing hand-wash sign in the men’s room and the heavily soiled floor. But the restaurant was allowed to reopen at 8:42 a.m., the report says.