Ocala man who refused to leave hospital demanded to be arrested for trespassing

An Ocala man who refused to leave a local hospital and instead requested he be taken to jail was arrested Wednesday on a trespassing charge.

Robin Scott Piel was arrested Wednesday after refusing to leave a room at Ocala Regional Medical Center and demanding to be arrested for trespassing.

An Ocala Police officer was called to Ocala Regional Medical Center Wednesday night after 76-year-old Robin Scott Piel refused to the leave the medical facility. He had been cleared and discharged but continued to stay in a hospital room, an Ocala Police report says.

Piel told the officer that he was homeless, had nowhere to go, and “therefore was not leaving.” The officer gave Piel multiple chances to leave the hospital and he then requested that he be arrested for trespassing.

Piel was then taken into custody and transported to the Marion County Jail, where he was charged with trespassing. He is due to be released Sunday at midnight, jail records show.