Phone-tossing Belleview woman arrested after jealous rage

Emma E. Parker

A Belleview woman was arrested after she allegedly accused a man of cheating, slapped him in the face and threw his phone against the wall.

Emma E. Parker, 20, of SE 120th Place, was charged with simple domestic battery after the spat, which started Tuesday evening when she, the victim and a female eyewitness were on their way home from shopping, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim said once they were back at the residence, Parker got into her vehicle and left. He said he and the witness were inside when the victim came home and started arguing with him again. The victim said Parker got into his face and started slapping him in the face and on his shoulder, the report said.

The victim said he tried to push Parker away and stop her from hitting him. He said they continued the argument in the laundry room, where Parker grabbed his phone and threw it against the wall. The deputy didn’t observe any physical injuries on the victim, according to the report.

Parker said she started the verbal altercation but didn’t slap the victim. She said the victim pushed her away and she fell on the ground. The witness said Parker slapped the victim in the face and shoulders before grabbing his phone and throwing it against the wall.

Parker was taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released Wednesday on her own recognizance. She’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Oct. 22.