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Pilot killed when small plane crashes while landing at Leeward Air...

A pilot was killed Wednesday morning when a small plane crashed at Leeward Air Ranch in Marion County.

Hunting-knife-wielding Ocala man jailed after family brawl

An 18-year-old Ocala man is accused of battering and pulling a hunting knife on a man who broke up a bedroom brawl between him and a juvenile.

Dunnellon woman caught sleeping with guns and drugs in running vehicle

A Dunnellon woman was charged with drug possession and carrying unlicensed firearms after she and a man were found asleep in a running car on a roadway in Ocklawaha.

56-year-old Citra woman fights removal from church

A Citra woman put up a fight while she was being arrested for trespassing at a church.

Dunnellon woman jailed after tax office ruckus over social distancing

A Dunnellon woman was arrested after she allegedly shoved a man during a ruckus at the tax office over social distancing.

Karate-kicking Ocala woman charged with battering man over 65

An Ocala woman is accused of battering an elderly man during a nasty family spat.

Ocala woman jailed after man shows Marion County sheriff’s deputies video...

An Ocala woman was arrested Tuesday night after a man claimed she had recently attacked him.

Wild-driving Ocala man jailed after pot found in vehicle

An Ocala man was caught with a large amount of marijuana after a motorist reported him for driving erratically.

Ocala man back in jail on drug charges

An Ocala man was arrested on drug charges for the second time this year after being pulled over for failing to yield to another vehicle.

Reddick man jailed after fight with elderly woman

A Reddick man was arrested after he allegedly pushed an elderly family member off a porch during an argument.