Ocala City Council blesses police chief’s glowing annual review

Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham

Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham received a glowing annual evaluation on Tuesday that was presented to members of the City Council.

The evaluation, presented by Human Resources and Risk Management Director Jared Sorenson, rated Graham in seven categories – four of which carried the highest ranking of “Exceeds.” Graham was rated as meeting the standards in the other three categories.
The breakdown and Graham’s rankings, along with comments, were:

Customer Focus: Meets
Description: Demonstrates the ability to exceed customers’ expectations with emphasis on presentation, responsiveness, reliability, reassurance and empathy.
Comment – “The fact we have the head of the NAACP come in and tell us the community has no complaints and keep up the good work speaks volumes.”

Innovation: Exceeds
Description: Demonstrates the ability and willingness to actively seek out new solutions, tasks or developments that improve the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission in a more effective and efficient manner.
Comment – “Amnesty program has been a huge success.”

Efficiency: Exceeds
Description: Demonstrates the ability to minimize unproductive time and equitably share in the workload.
Comment – “We are very good at working within the budget Council gives us.”

Quality of Work: Meets
Description: Demonstrates the ability to produce work that is free from errors and omissions, shows attention to detail, and is complete and neat. Comment – “He does a great job at whatever project we do.”

Integrity: Meets
Description: Demonstrates adherence to strong moral and ethical principles, possesses a soundness of moral character and demonstrates consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.
Comment – “The best.”

Teamwork: Exceeds
Description: Demonstrates the ability to seek input from others, work collaboratively, manage conflict effectively, and listen and respond positively to concerns of others and to motivate others to act towards achieving a common goal.
Comment – “Works great with all law enforcement.”

Job knowledge: Exceeds
Description: Demonstrates the ability and expertise to perform all the essential functions of the position.
Comment – “Extremely good.”

The overall comments on Graham included: “Very good job knowledge. Keeps up with the times with right equipment for the officers.” And “Greg has done a great job on all our initiatives.”