“Birth of a New Idea” veterans’ appreciation event coming to Appleton Museum

A special “Birth of a New Idea” veterans’ appreciation talk will come to the Appleton Museum of Art this weekend.

Retired Chaplain (Colonel) Janet Horton will speak on Sunday, November 10, beginning at 2 p.m. in a talk to honor veterans in anticipation of the national holiday.

Chaplain Janet Horton
Chaplain Janet Horton

Chaplain Horton will share her remarkable experiences during the event, which is free to attend and will be held at the museum, located at 4333 East Silver Springs Boulevard.

Chaplain Horton was recently inducted into the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Hall for Fame as one of “the first women Army Chaplains.” In addition, Horton is the first woman promoted to Colonel in the Army Chaplain Corps, serving in the Army across the world in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo for over for 28 years.

During the terrorist attacks of September 11, Horton was present at the Pentagon and was part of a chaplain’s team that prayed with victims and aided families.

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