Pesky Elf on the Shelf proves to be culprit for burning smell inside Ocala residence

This Elf on a Shelf was burned Tuesday when its leg got too close to a Christmas tree light.

Crews from Ocala Fire Rescue responded to reports of a structure fire on Tuesday – the work of a culprit known as Elf on a Shelf.

When firefighters arrived, the smell of smoke was evident in the residence’s living room. They searched the room for the source of the smell and then spotted the issue – the Elf on a Shelf who apparently had been making his way to higher ground on a Christmas tree had become stranded near a light bulb and burned its leg.

Fire officials are encouraging everyone who use an Elf on the Shelf to brighten the holidays to be careful with it around hot Christmas lights and burning flames emitting heat that’s much too hot for our skin. It’s recommended that adults, children and the elves stay at least three feet away from a fire, stove or heater. Using battery-powered candles also is highly suggested.

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