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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ocala Fire Rescue launches online pre-planning tool for fire and medical emergencies

Ocala Fire Rescue has been working with technology partner First Due to release a pre-planning tool for fire and medical emergencies.

Community Connect uses a secure platform where residents share critical information. Through the effort, Ocala Fire Rescue hopes to increase the rate of successful outcomes during emergent events – including calls arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intended as a tool that facilitates property and occupant information to firefighters before they arrive on the scene, Community Connect allows residents to share details about their homes and the people within them. With the pandemic at hand, Ocala Fire Rescue is encouraging the public to not only register but complete the COVID-19 self-reporting module. By providing recent travel information and reporting symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, residents can help firefighters quickly identify high-risk occupants.

Benefiting from Community Connect is free and easy. To enroll, Ocala residents can visit www.OcalaFire.org. By creating a household profile, residents will equip firefighters with incident-specific information before they respond to their homes.

“The (Community Connect) profiles help us identify ways to protect your family, before arriving on the scene,” said Ocala Fire Chief Shane Alexander. “As we focus on limiting exposures to the Coronavirus, your completion of the COVID-19 module is the first step you can take to help us stop the spread.”

For more information, click on the Community Connect button on www.OcalaFire.org.