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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

COVID-19 positivity rate in Marion County higher than state average

Marion County’s positivity rate among those suffering from the COVID-19 virus is higher than the state average.

That’s according to a report released Sunday by the Florida Department of Health. Marion County is reporting that 14 percent of those who have been checked are suffering from the potentially deadly virus, while the state average is 13 percent. In fact, of the 65,168 residents who have been checked in Marion County, 8,845 came back positive. Another 112 tests have shown to be inconclusive and 16 people are awaiting results, the report shows.

Mark Lander, administrator of the Department of Health in Marion County, told county commissioners last week that a large chunk of the county’s cases can be traced to group gatherings and correctional facilities. As of Sunday, Marion County was reporting 2,202 cases in jails and prisons, with 1,412 of those being among inmates (1,316) and staff members (96) at Lowell Correctional Institution and Marion Correctional Institution.

Also, 86.3 percent of Marion County cases have been reported in just three cities – Ocala, Summerfield and Belleview. Of those cases, 78.6 percent – 6,966 – are in Ocala, followed by 347 in Summerfield and 329 in Belleview.

Lake County has a 9 percent positivity rate, having tested 78,261 people with 6,740 positive results. Another 98 tests were inconclusive and 181 people are awaiting testing.

Sumter County also has a positivity rate of 9 percent, with 2,033 tests coming back positive out of the 21,641 that have been conducted among residents. Another 29 tests were inconclusive and 29 people also are awaiting results.

All told, 17,618 of the 165,070 tests that have been conducted in the local area have come back positive. A total of 239 were inconclusive and 226 people are awaiting their results.

Statewide, 639,168 of the 4.77 million COVID-19 tests administered have come back positive. Another 7,029 were inconclusive and 3,4,95 people are awaiting results.