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Thursday, June 17, 2021

New car wash poised to open on SR 200, another coming

A car wash is looking to open one of two new locations along SR 200.

Tidal Wave Car Wash, which currently operates 69 locations across 11 states, will open its first location in Ocala at 3209 SW College Road.

According to the company’s website, the company prides itself on the “quality and appeal of [its] buildings and landscape features.”

Tidal Wave Auto Spa on S.R. 200
Tidal Wave Auto Spa on S.R. 200

“Our goal is be not just an attractive addition to the community. We want to be the best-looking business in the area” reads a post on their website.

Tidal Car Wash is one of a collection of new car washes to have opened its doors in Ocala in recent years, and it isn’t the first location to replace a former fast food restaurant.

RaceWash, which has opened up locations across the city of Ocala including multiple along S.R. 200, will replace the former location of Krystal’s, which closed its doors nearly two years ago.

And in east Ocala, Caliber Car Wash has been making an aggressive push towards expansion across America.

According to the company’s website, Tidal Wave Car Wash has plans to open an additional 61 locations across 19 states, with an aggressive 13-location slate for Florida alone.