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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Evicted Silver Springs man: I’m owed $15,000 from unemployment and now I’m homeless

To the Editor:

I am writing you to see if maybe somebody can hear my story and help me get my unemployment issue resolved. Back in January my friend I was living with caught the Coronavirus causing our household to be quarantined. Because of that missing 14 days of work ended up causing me to lose my job so I filed for unemployment and was denied the first time for whatever reason. I had worked for the company for almost 6 months so I had made plenty of money to file so I filed again and was accepted. Then it came time for me to do the ID.me thing to get verified. I did that with an ID.me trusted referee who fully verified everything was good. Then, for some reason I was locked out of my account and given a number to call to get my account unlocked, which has never worked. I have called the number non stop for 2 weeks straight and have still not spoken to a person. I have had major surgery during this time also which I almost lost my left arm, so I can’t work. I have not had any income since January, been evicted from my apartment, and now I’m homeless. I’m owed roughly $15,000 from unemployment. Can someone help me please, I’m begging please?

Chad Germab
Silver Springs

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