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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Humane Society asking for donations to help ailing dog found on side of road

The Humane Society of Marion County Florida is seeking donations for a furry friend named Fergus.

At just six weeks of age, Fergus was brought to the Humane Society by one of the staff members after being found on the side of the road in an abandoned crate.

Fergus was found with a temperature of 106 and a right leg broken in several places. He was transported to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Gainesville on Wednesday, June 9 for a surgery consultation.

The surgery needed to repair his damaged leg will cost between $3,000-$3,700, according to an HSMC Facebook post.  The HSMC said Fergus has a long road to recovery and are asking the community for help.

The HSMC says “donations like yours will help us continue our mission of preventing cruelty, suffering, and overpopulation of animals.”

The HSMC is accepting donations through PayPal and its website. People interested in donating to help Fergus may also come in person or mail a donation to 710 NW 14th Road Ocala, FL 34475.