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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Ocala property owner seeking farm speaks before city council

An Ocala resident took to the podium during last night’s city council meeting to discuss a resolution for property that she wishes to turn into a farm.

During the regular Ocala City Council meeting last night, a resolution was presented to abrogate a 50-foot wide right-of-way located in the 2200 block between NE 24th Street and NE 26th Street.

The right-of-way runs north from NE 24th Street to NE 26th Street, a distance of around 620 feet.

The property was recorded as a right-of-way in the Ocala Plantation plat back in 1891.

Anna Stephenson, owner of the property along with her husband, stepped up to the podium and addressed the council members.

Ocala property owner speaks before city council wants to restore farm
Anna Stephenson speaks during the November 2 city council meeting

“We are trying to become farmers,” Stephenson said. “[The property] was once a farm back in 1950 and we’re working on bringing back the original house, and the field is the next thing.”

“We’re going to bring some beauty back to the city, we hope,” she added. “We want to do it right.”

The council members unanimously voted to approve this resolution.

The city will release the public interest in the right-of-way, but will reserve an easement to ensure access to the existing electric, phone, and internet lines that are located on the western side of the right-of-way.

The next regular Ocala City Council meeting is scheduled at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 16.