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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

More residents share their thoughts on Ocala/Marion County growth

In response to recent Letters to the Editor that discussed concerns about recent growth in Ocala/Marion County, a few residents from Ocala and The Villages wrote in and shared their thoughts on the topic:

“I just moved to Ocala recently. I was tired of construction. Where I lived, there were buildings going up where there was no room to increase the size of the road, and we had too many buildings that lay vacant but the developers continued to build more. Ocala needs to slow down and the money needs to go to landscaping and improving the roads that we have. Fill the empty buildings instead of building new ones, bring life to old libraries, add a coffee shop, put money in the parks we have, etc. How many dollar stores or convenience stores does Ocala need? I enjoy this quiet life and do not want to see it turn into another big town. I love driving down the country roads, the horse farms out here are amazing. Not everyone wants to live in the city and a small town can survive if the elected officials in office would just say ‘no’ and look into how to improve what we already have,” says Ocala resident Deborah Jasper.

“I ran across a letter from July 2021 about Ocala residents in support of bringing a Costco store to Ocala. As a resident of The Villages, I want to echo my support for bringing a Costco store to this area. As the letter said, Costco is a great store and they also provide good jobs. Mark my wife, my sister-in-law, and me down in the ‘yes’ column. And I am sure there are many more residents of The Villages who would say the same thing. Good luck in bringing Costco to Ocala,” says Robert Weinert, The Villages resident.

“We do not need any growth. When I first came here in 1989, this was perfect. Being from a big, noisy, full of crime city, I loved the serene, quiet way it was. It is because we want to preserve whatever wildlife is left (horse farms and all the beauty) that we do not want any more growth. Those things will be gone. So what if people leave because there is no growth? Good, hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more. Now they want a toll road going through our rural area too? If this keeps up, people will be leaving all right, to find a place that is how we once were. Stop the growth of Ocala. We like it as Slocala and that is that,” says Ocala resident Marta Varnell.

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