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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Several residents concerned about amount of litter, junk in Marion County

Several residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns regarding the amount of litter and junk in Marion County:

“I moved here 11 months ago and the amount of trash I’ve seen on the roads is disgusting.  Do the people of Ocala not care about the area they live in? I have witnessed people throwing their fast food trash out the car window while driving and others doing the same while sitting in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Wake up Marion County, your community looks like a nasty, smelly garbage dump,” says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs.

“A junk yard has moved into the middle of Ocklawaha. Junk, old cars, old trucks, old boats, old vans, trailers, automotive parts. We know when old stuff sits around, with oil and transmission fluids in them, the possibility of leaking into the soil is always a concern. This is an eye sore in our little town,” says Kay Weber, Ocklawaha resident.

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