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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Ocala man arrested after allegedly raping female victim on numerous occasions

A 41-year-old Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly raped a female victim in her bedroom on numerous occasions.

On October 28, 2021, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy spoke with an employee at the victim’s place of employment. The employee advised the deputy that the victim had told another co-worker that she had been raped by Allen Tremane Miller.

Allen Tremane Miller
Allen Tremane Miller

The MCSO report indicated that Miller is a registered sex offender.

The deputy arrived at the victim’s place of employment and conducted an interview. The victim stated that on October 28, 2021, between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., Miller entered her bedroom while she was sleeping.

Miller allegedly climbed on top of her, removed her pajama pants and underwear, and penetrated her. She told the deputy that the sexual intercourse lasted a long time and Miller placed his hands around her neck to the point where she nearly lost consciousness.

The victim stated that she was scared which is why she did not try to fight him off. Miller allegedly kept trying to kiss her, but she refused to open her mouth.

On October 26, 2021, in the morning hours, she stated that the same incident had occurred with Miller. He allegedly entered her room, climbed on top of her, and raped her.

The victim told the deputy that another similar incident occurred on October 22, 2021, between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. She stated that she was napping when Miller allegedly grabbed her.

Her shoulders sustained multiple small scratches and her left bicep had a faint pink mark from where Miller allegedly had grabbed her. She showed the deputy multiple photographs which depicted these injuries.

According to the victim, these incidents with Miller had been ongoing since she was 14 or 15 years old, and they would occur approximately once or twice a week. She stated that he would typically ejaculate inside of her, but there were times when he ejaculated on her comforter and sheets.

The victim stated that the last incident with Miller had occurred on October 28, 2021. She consented to a search of her residence, and she provided her clothing, sheets, and comforter to MCSO investigators.

An MCSO detective observed Miller exiting his residence and spoke with him as he approached his vehicle. When asked about the victim’s allegations, he immediately stated that he did not want to speak any further and he requested an attorney.

The victim’s clothing, sheets, and comforter were submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for lab testing. On Tuesday, March 1, the MCSO detective received the test results from the victim’s comforter, and the results were positive for DNA from both the victim and Miller.

On Monday, March 7, an MCSO deputy located Miller, arrested him, and transported him to Marion County Jail. He refused to speak with the deputy.

Miller is currently being held at the jail on $25,000 bond and he is facing a felony charge for sexual battery on a person 18 years or older.

A court date has been scheduled on Tuesday, April 12 at 12 a.m., according to jail records.