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Sunday, May 15, 2022

More residents across Marion County share thoughts on water bill costs

In response to recent letters from Marion County residents which voiced concerns regarding high water bill costs, more residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“We purchased our house a year ago. The water bills are inaccurate: they are really high one month and low the next month. The billing system is all over the place with no way to really verify its correctness. Don’t get me started on the United States Postal Service up here, either. Just plain terrible customer service,” says Ocala resident Sandy McFarlin.

“I have lived in Stone Creek for three years. The water bills here are terrible. We have never, in all our lives, paid such high water bills. Our highest bill was $176. We have irrigation for our lawn but we don’t run it too often. Something needs to be done to lower our bills. There are more people moving into this area every day. Seniors need a break,” says Judith Reiter, Ocala resident.

“Besides the water costs going up, there is a possibility that with all these new buildings being given a rubber stamp to build, we will run out of water. We do not have an endless supply of water,” says Ocala resident Mike Kaye.

“I really don’t understand the water bill we have to pay each month. It’s crazy, ranging from over $120 to $150. I ask people here and they all say the same thing: the water company is a crook. And there is nothing we can do but pay it,” says Paul Brassington, On Top of the World resident.

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