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Sunday, May 15, 2022

More residents from Ocala share thoughts on city’s water

More residents across Ocala recently submitted letters to share their thoughts on the topic of the city’s water.

“Before locating to beautiful Marion County, the 14th largest county in our beautiful Sunshine State, my daddy, Marvin, did extensive research. Being from North Carolina and in the United States Army, he knew the protocol. This was 1959. He had been a truck driver with the Hub being in Fort Lauderdale. To make a long story short, he loved Horse Country. I was 10 years young. The first farm we toured was Elias Brothers Farm, followed by Bonnie Heath and Ocala Stud. When he had our home built, of which I still live, he knew about aquifers. When our well was dug, he had Bowen’s Plumbing (still around) dig deeper into our second aquifer. I’m one of the very few residents who has a well in the city and I’m still charged a water fee. It’s not the city’s water. I use the electricity to use my pump to provide me with water,” says Ocala resident Joyce Modlin.

“If you really look into the cost of water, it’s not the problem. The problem is the facility charges that we pay which are costing us. We pay for every facility that pumps water in this county,” says Mike Keleshian, Ocala resident.

“I have noticed that water pressure gets really low at peak times now in our neighborhood,  and it didn’t do that until they built out in our area. They have to know it is happening or they just don’t care. Plus, they are adding another group of homes, so they have to do something before they build those. We live in the Oak Hill Plantation subdivision,” says Ocala resident Ronald Guillory.

“I agree with all the citizen that disagree with the new water bill. I live on NE 7th Street and my water bill is nearly $300 a month. This increase was after the water company was sold in my area and a new water meter was installed,” says Dilia Batlle, Ocala resident.

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