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Ocala resident says city is overcrowded and overbuilt

A resident from Ocala recently submitted a letter to share his thoughts and concerns on the topic of growth in Ocala/Marion County.

“I agree with the letter about overcrowding and overbuilding in Ocala. Living in Silver Springs Shores is quickly becoming undesirable. The Marion County commission keeps rubber stamping every proposal brought by building contractors.

It started with 475 new homes bordering the Lake Diamond golf course – cutting down a large swath of trees and dumping 500 or more cars on an already overcrowded Maricamp Road, which is the only road in the Shores that goes directly to Ocala.

Next came the approved building of yet another subdivision bordering a large portion of the Silver Springs Shores Country Club golf course. They plan to build hundreds of new homes in that area also. An entire forest of trees was leveled, and God only knows how many hundreds of cars will be added to Maricamp Road.

Thanks to the ‘wisdom’ of the Marion County commission, we are now blessed with the following:

  • Three dollar stores within a mile of one another.
  • Three auto parts stores within a mile.
  • Five gas stations within one and a half miles.
  • Two car washes within one mile.

All of the above businesses are, of course, accessed from Maricamp Road.

A candidate for Marion County commission once asked me what we needed in the Shores. Well, Commissioner Curry, this ain’t it.”

Don Goodman
Ocala resident

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