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Friday, January 27, 2023

More residents discuss topic of littering in Ocala/Marion County

In response to recent letters that discussed littering in Ocala/Marion County, more residents have written in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“Many of these people working on the construction of new homes throw their personal trash on the ground, even though there are dumpsters less than 50 feet away. We often find plastic bottles and bags of food on the ground, and also trash from their work because they are too lazy to put it in the dumpster. I’m not sure what they do in the country that they came from, but in this country, they should be responsible and dispose of their trash properly,” says Ocala resident Douglas Donley.

“In response to a citizen’s complaint of litter resulting from homeless and ‘old people,’ myself and two others (ages 64, 79, and 95 respectively) pick up the trash/litter while walking in our neighborhood. Plenty from passing cars, some from foot traffic, and from trash trucks. I believe we represent ‘old’ people. I believe that the gentleman needs to rethink his verbiage. Something like irresponsible, uncaring, selfish, and/or a lack of pride in one’s self, community, or home is more appropriate. When witnessing trash falling off vehicles, trucks etc., did you report the license plate? What did you do besides watch, complain, and blame ‘old people’?” says Val Ramsey, Ocala resident.

“When it comes to litter, there isn’t an age discrimination. I live in Ocala Highlands Estates and have seen it all, from beer cans, cigarette packets, household garbage, tires, and toilets to dirty diapers. It truly disgusts me to see how people just don’t seem to care. They would much rather toss it out a window or from the back of their truck than take it home and place it in a trash can, or take it to the dump. Honestly, it blows my mind. A group of our residents finally couldn’t take it anymore. Quarterly, we meet as a group. With the help of Solid Waste, which has partnered with our community by donating gloves and garbage bags, we collect the trash and they pick it up when we’re finished. I just want to let our group and Solid Waste know how much their help is appreciated,” says Ocala resident Angela Bradley.

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