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More residents share their opinions on growth of Ocala/Marion County

More residents recently wrote in to share their opinions regarding the topic of growth in Ocala and Marion County.

“This is what you get with growth. All the communities being built bring more people, which increases the congestion on our roads here in Ocala. There is no one to blame but those who are approving the purchase of land to build more and more homes. Those companies have to have a permit to do this. It’s your government that is in place. I approve of the bypass as the road congestion is out of control,” says Ocala resident Debbie Holcomb.

“In regards to the individual that feels our ‘pastures and cows are being threatened by growth’: sorry, but I think that most people would rather have a more convenient way to get onto the turnpike or more shopping conveniences than watch a cow grazing in the pasture. Some farmers with land will adopt these creatures. Don’t worry, or you can move to Kansas,” says Robert Ira, Ocala resident.

“I currently pay $750 in rent and I’ve lived here for around 15 years. My lease will end soon, and my rent will go up to $1,200. Where am I going to move to? My income is Social Security, this rent issue is out of control, and no one is doing anything about it. Ocala was once a beautiful place and now its just too many people and cars. God save Ocala,” says Ocala resident Rosa Pereira.

“I moved here from Alabama in 1982. The city was called Slowcala. There were plenty of stores and restaurants on the square. Now most are gone. Marion County was called the Horse Capital. There was a horse farm I worked on that is no longer there, and many others are gone too. Ocala was a small city and a great place to live. Now, not so much. I moved here, at this location where I now live, seven years ago. This is a subdivision north of 326 and just off 441. There is only one way in and out here. Seven years ago, the traffic wasn’t too bad. It was easy to get out on 441. Nowadays, with all the people coming here to Ocala/Marion County, it is getting crowded. The traffic on 441 is worse than the interstate. If you don’t get out there and haul behind, you will get hit or people will yell and flip you off. The speed limit is 65, and it goes down to 55. People drive at speeds well over that. What is happening to the city and county that I came to like and enjoy?” says John Ferrell, Ocala resident.

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