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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Several more residents submit letters regarding Ocala/Marion County’s growth

In response to numerous letters from Marion County residents which discussed Ocala/Marion County’s growth, several more residents wrote in to voice their opinions on the topic.

“I’ve been here since 1996. People that I’ve worked with say that they need better pay and have to drive outside of the city for that. The cost of living is higher but the pay stays the same. Better choices for jobs and bigger companies is the only way to get that. With gas prices the way they are, no one can afford to drive far. Growth is essential for this, and people are always going to complain about roads or crowds,” says Ocala resident Steven Monroe.

“The car population has long outgrown the streets and highways here in Marion County. Maricamp is the worst I’ve seen – it takes almost one hour to get from the Shores to SR 200 in the mornings,” says Masie Green, Ocala resident.

“The County Commissioners stopped the impact fee for new building when they were trying to encourage building. I don’t understand why they refused to enact it again last year now that the ‘slowed building’ issue has been resolved. The building is now out of hand. We never asked to be a major city,” says Belleview resident Gail R. Hupalo.

“I have lived in Ocala all my life, and I raised my family here. I love the country: the forest, cows, horses, and friendly people. I hate the city. Y’all are taking away the simple life we have all grown up with and are trying to make it a city. As for me, I hate it. I have grandchildren now and want to move the whole family. You have ruined Ocala. If we wanted the city life, we would have moved there. I am sorry, but this is the opinion of a good old country girl. Take your city life somewhere else,” says Brenda Samaniego, Ocala resident.

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