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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ocala resident shares thoughts on need for growth

To the Editor:

I can see the concern for the small city that I have now called home for the last five-plus years. But let’s consider this: is the city small? In the five years that I’ve lived in Ocala, we’ve brought in big businesses that include FedEx Ground, Auto Zone, Amazon, and Dollar Tree.

The city obviously needs to re-evaluate infrastructure because the population is only growing and expanding north from The Villages. With the home values soaring in most of the major city markets, it’s only inevitable that they will move to more affordable locations.

I’m blessed to say that I work for FedEx Ground, and that is what I moved here to do. I, for one, would love to see commercial service come to Ocala as I travel for work. I can see the need for light rail service. Heck, I’m on board with the turnpike extension. Change is not something to fear, as it drives the local economy. In my opinion, better to be evolving than standing still and doing nothing.

William Phillips
Ocala resident

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