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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Ocala resident voices concerns on cost of living for seniors

To the Editor:

Ocala, what is happening to us? The cost of utilities has escalated beyond the rise of inflation. Electric companies have increased their rates considerably, the water company is totally out of control with their rates, and taxes are projected to increase as well.

Ocala has a large 55-and-older population, which they have solicited with so many senior developments in the area, in addition to the area’s largest Top of the World. With HOA fees thrown into the mix, Social Security checks are being eaten up before we buy groceries, pay for medications, and get all of the basics that are needed to live.

Our local government needs to look into the rising utility costs, monitor them, and do something about reducing them back to a reasonably affordable level. Seniors are always among those who get hit the hardest when inflation is high and income is fixed.

Our local government keeps granting zoning variances for more and more construction, increasing the county’s income from taxes while doing little to improve infrastructure. We keep hearing that the building boom will only increase our taxes and utility costs, which is difficult to digest when more income is being generated from taxes and more families who are paying for electric and water.

Seniors really need help.

Joseph Alberti
Ocala resident

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