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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Ocala resident says city needs bigger airport, more grocers

To the Editor:

The letter published about Ocala’s growth is a little late. There has been building going on all over Ocala for a few months – one in particular near the Martel dump and new buildings on 60th near the airport.

When we moved to the Ocala National Forest, I saw then how they were moving everything out to 200, also known as College Road. I was born in Atlanta, raised mostly in Marietta, and I watched how it became what I would call ‘Metropolitan Atlanta.’

I am glad they can’t touch Ocala National Forest, but Ocala is going to grow. The forces that kept it from growing for so many years have all passed away. Their families don’t care about the old, quaint Ocala.

As for the airport, are you happy driving to Gainesville, Orlando, or Tampa, and paying the price of parking? If your vehicle is damaged, who pays for that? Sure, you can get a shuttle from here to Gainesville, but is that worth the price?

As long as our Commissioners continue to pass the ‘okay’ to grow, we will. At least we might have a chance to voice what comes here, like a much needed, larger airport. Horses are being shipped in and out of here, and more space is needed to get them off and on their different forms of transportation.

How about competition in groceries? Sam’s Club has gone downhill in quality over the last few years. Let other grocery stores come here.

Ocala is going to grow whether anyone likes it or not. At least voice what you would like to see here.

Sue Davis
Ocala resident

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