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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Marion County resident says big developers are threatening land, way of life

To the Editor:

I never thought the day would come when our homestead and way of life would be threatened by big developers and money-hungry land grabbers.

We are in a very rural, mostly poor, and forgotten area called Florida Highlands (west of Marion Oaks). It is very rural with long dirt roads lined, mile after mile, with humble homes, horses, barnyard animals, raw land, forest creatures, and beauty. But it is not empty of the living nor is it for the taking – we live here, we own this.

Some of the residents here are in poverty at some level and have nothing much in ownership but their land, mobile homes, and older cars. After condemnation, should that happen, with a pittance of payment given for our lands and homes, where can we afford to go? Who cares? Most assuredly not big business, big developers, or big banks. Through self-imposed blindness and in the name of progress, they do not look at humanity or the natural habitat. They only see dollar signs.

Should the planners of the Turnpike Extension (to nowhere) bulldoze our area (we are on the map), then a small multitude of the poor will be displaced with nowhere to turn, leaving behind decades of peaceful living and family history.

Think of the humanity and wildlife. Think.

Marian Fowler
Dunnellon resident

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