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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

City of Ocala partnering with StreetScan to improve local roads

The City of Ocala is partnering with StreetScan in an effort to help improve the conditions of local roads.

StreetScan utilizes vehicle-mounted sensing technology to assess road conditions in the normal flow of traffic. The system will use this technology to determine the health of each street and to identity any road defects that may be present, such as potholes, bumps, and cracks.

The street survey is now underway and is expected to be completed by Friday, August 12. The city anticipates that data collection, processing, GIS Analytics, and maintenance planning services will be completed by the Fall 2022.

The City of Ocala will use this data to help identify and prioritize the repair needs of the city’s streets.

For more information on StreetScan, visit the company’s Facebook webpage.