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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Resident says Ocala needs more grocery stores to match city’s growth

To the Editor:

Living in my area for 11 years,  I have seen grocery stores come and go. Now, what I see are housing developments being built, which are needed.

My concern is simple: where are the food stores? Our Publix is so crowded, and the parking lot is so small, that it only brings customers to the boiling point when they make an attempt to get to the front door.

Where are the grocery stores that will service these new homes being built? No other quality stores are in sight. Our Publix is always low in stock, and trying to find a parking space is a joke. Again, where are the grocery stores to handle the new developments?

Folks ask for Costco and other major markets to be built. Where are these stores? Market Basket in northern states is fantastic, and Kroger is well-liked as well.

Ocala is expanding while 200 is jam-packed with cars. People need other food stores now, not five years down the road. Aldi and other low cost stores are great, and I shop at these stores because we don’t have any choice. I hope someone reading this, and other letters that harp on the same subject matter, will come up with a solution to this grocery store shortage and quickly do something about it.

Traffic is getting serious and more accidents are occurring. The people are asking now for additional food stores. Can anyone help? I don’t want to drive 40 miles for a loaf of bread.

Please, we need quality food markets. The need is there, and now is the time to build in Ocala to match all these developments entering our town. We shop. We eat. But where?

Jean Farraher
Ocala resident

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