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Resident says living in Ocala “just feels right”

To the Editor:

There is no particular reason for me to live in Ocala. I was born and raised in Colorado, and I have no family here. My politics do not “fit” – I thought Trump was a con man and voted blue in protest, which puts me at odds with almost all of my neighbors. It’s okay. I called the police on an enthusiastic supporter of Cheetos who dumped trash in my yard regularly, but that was all. He wasn’t going to kill me.

Local children say “yes ma’am,” “no sir,” and are southern gentleman/ladies, and I like that.  When I was at the dog park near the busy highway, a dog was loose. The first two cars coming from opposite directions stopped, scooped it up to safety, and then both of them waited for the owner to come retrieve their dog.

I have sat down with the mayor and explained that the city will let poor people pay their bills as they go, but they have to pay a surcharge to get the bill paid that day or risk getting their power turned off. Everyone else can pay at the city office and it goes in that day, but not for the poor people.

The mayor listened but nothing was done. The main utility gal came out of the office and said that wasn’t true, went back in, and then came out and realized what I told her was true. At least they listened to me.

At age 65, I feel free, and I plan on dying here. The trees are beautiful, the water is mystical, the ocean is near, and it just feels right. Like the song says, “The weather suits my clothes.” After breaking most of my bones snow ski racing, I moved here 25 years ago and never left. I make chairs for little kids and give the chairs to them, and it makes me feel blessed. It is my ministry: watching the whole family happy.

Giving is a blessing, and Ocala is a blessing too.

Mark Robinson
Ocala resident

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