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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Residents share thoughts on finding entertainment in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents recently submitted letters to share their thoughts and concerns on the entertainment options in Ocala/Marion County.

“I read the letter from someone complaining that there is nothing to do in Ocala for seniors or kids. I highly disagree. We moved here three years ago from Dallas, Texas, and there is way more to do here for seniors and kids than in that whole metroplex. I feel like the resident who wrote the letter just maybe hasn’t explored options, or possible tried to after covid hit. We moved here with my senior father and three small kids. There are a lot of senior groups, or there were before covid. The resident who wrote the letter might want to try Nextdoor to find a group in the area. We have done so many fun things in the square just following the Facebook activities section. My kids love all of the wonderful parks, and the bounce and play center. The little town inside the mall. The Ocala museum does a special day once-a-month event for the kids. We enjoy Picasso’s pallet as a family. And, oh my, all of the food options. I think the resident who was complaining possibly needs to explore Ocala a bit more. We love the big city fun with the small town vibe and couldn’t be happier,” says Ocala resident Tiffany Roberts.

“There are no toddler parks, rides, etc. The most you can do is go to a park. Ocala is so boring that the most you can do is eat or shop. More buildings with the same old businesses and more homes on top of homes. Traffic is crazy and jobs do not pay. This is literally the most uninteresting city in Florida. We are not close to beaches, but yes, we have rivers that most older people will not attempt to be on. The springs are too deep for the toddlers. Get real, Ocala commissioners, and start looking into what could make Ocala interesting and fun. We have no aquariums, no zoos, nothing for toddlers or children to do, nothing for teens. Why do we have so many young and old people on drugs and drinking? Look at the whole picture. Everything good is over an hour or more away. Look into bringing things into Marion County for all age groups,” says Liz Broccio, Ocala resident.

“Ocala is known for its outdoors. You can go camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, ride a bike, and take classes for seniors. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen. It’s not up to businesses to plan activities. I think the real issue some people have is meeting others. You can join clubs of people that have the same interests. They periodically have classes over by On Top of the World. I can’t think of the name of the place. If you go to a church, they usually have activities. If you’re physically handicapped or have an illness, that’s a different story. Or you, yourself, can start up something,” says Ocala resident Ann Tucker.

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