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Thursday, September 22, 2022

MCFR Deputy Chief receives 2022 Marilyn Cook EMS Pioneer Award

Marion County Fire Rescue has proudly announced that this year’s recipient of the Marilyn Cook EMS Pioneer Award is Deputy Chief Rodney Mascho.

During the State Emergency Medical Service Advisory Council’s meeting that was held on September 14, Mascho was recognized as a “driving force in the development and advancement of MCFR’s Emergency Medical Services,” according to a press release from the Marion County Board of County Commissioners.

MCFR deputy chief wins award September 2022
Deputy Chief Rodney Mascho (third from the left) is the 2022 recipient of the Marilyn Cook EMS Pioneer Award

The commissioners highlighted Mascho’s dedication and determination, which have helped develop and provide quality care to the residents in Marion County.

Over the past 25-plus years, the Florida Department of Health has recognized the men and women who provide lifesaving services in times of crisis. This award is a small tribute to the medical professionals and agencies that work to ensure the public’s health and safety in times of an emergency.

The Marilyn Crook EMS Pioneer Award is presented to individuals who have advanced the EMS profession and/or system through:

  • Visionary leadership: Setting directions and creating patient focus, clear and visible values, and high expectations while balancing the needs of all EMS stakeholders. Additionally, ensuring the creation of strategies, systems, and methods for achieving performance, excellence, stimulating innovation, building knowledge and capabilities, and ensuring EMS sustainability.
  • Managing for innovation: Making meaningful change to improve EMS products, services, programs, processes, and operations while creating new value for EMS stakeholders.
  • Promoting the use of best practices: Building internal and external partnerships to address common issues, enhance communication, and evaluate progress to adapt to changing conditions in the EMS system.

During the recognition at a recent Marion County Board of County Commissioners meeting, Mascho spoke highly of his peers.

“I have definitely been blessed with a great team, awesome peers, a supportive commission and administration, and, most importantly, the top-notch folks serving in the field every day,” said Mascho.

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