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Monday, March 6, 2023

More residents voice concerns on internet and cellphone service in Ocala/Marion County

Several more residents recently submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts on the quality of internet and cellphone service in Ocala/Marion County.

“I’ve been seeing so many letters from people who have terrible internet and cell service. Everyone should file a complaint with the FCC. Perhaps if enough people speak up, they will do something to improve the outdated cell towers and poor internet service. There is no reason a city as large as Ocala should be having this many issues in 2023. We are a rapidly growing area. This is only going to get worse with more users if we don’t start making improvements now,” says Ocala resident Nina Bongiovanni.

“I have seen letters about internet and Wi-Fi in Ocala. I just wanted to express that what I’ve read is exactly what my wife and I experience at our home and on our cellphones. A lot of times, our Wi-Fi randomly goes out at night. When I’m at work and on the Wi-Fi, my phone works great. However, no mobile network is available once I leave the building, and I have to restart my cellphone before making a phone call. Like some of the letters I’ve read, I also have Verizon. At home, we have Cox, and from our understanding, Cox is the only service that provides high-speed internet in our area. We need some type of investigation because in these times it is important to have cellphone and devices with service,” says Keith Gilcrist, Ocala resident.

“Where I live in southwest Ocala, we are serviced by CenturyLink. Two weeks ago, I was planting some hedges 75 feet away from the house and I cut the internet cable, which was buried about three inches. I called the provider, and they gave me an appointment for three or four days later. They came a day earlier when no one was home and put a cable above the ground (not buried) all the way to the box in the street. Now I have a cable laying above the ground. I called the provider and I got a new ticket for someone to come in and fix the problem. On the day of the appointment, I received a text stating the issue was taken care of, but no one ever came in. I sat in front of my house waiting on them, but they never showed up,” says Ocala resident Miguel A Luzunaris.