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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Service animals are fine, but pets should stay at home

To the Editor:

I hate going into any place seeing people carrying around a dog in a cart or on a leash. I’ve complained to managers to no avail. Service animals are fine – they’ve been trained. Where does it end? I bet that if I made a vest that says “emotional support,” put it on a donkey, and tried walking in a store, or if I leashed up a pig, I’d be stopped in a heartbeat.

So laws are put in place for a reason, and I’m sorry but 90 percent of the people doing this with their dogs are seniors. I’m a senior myself, but my dog stays home where he belongs. I think the store managers need to grow a spine and force the rules of the store and the state laws and not worry about angering a couple of people by telling them that their dog has to go outside.

As one lady wrote about banning kids in carts, well that’s ignorance because they are human. But I also say parents should clean up after their kids.

Dean Teuton
Fort McCoy resident