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Monday, April 15, 2024

Street racing on SW 60th Avenue

To the Editor:

We live in the JB Ranch Development with our backyard along the west side of SW 60th Avenue. Our home is directly in front of the traffic light at SW 95th Street. That traffic light serves as the starting signal for regular drag races, both north and south along 60th Avenue.

If a Deputy could park in an obscure location with a Radar Unit, he/she could write dozens of tickets daily. The 45-mph speed limit is just a suggestion on 60th Avenue. We have witnessed dozens of cars and motorcycles running well over 100 mph at night behind our house.

I am a performance enthusiast but not a fan of life-threatening stupidity…and that’s what we have here!

Maybe this will get the attention of those empowered to make a change in this situation before lives and property are lost.

John Farabee
Ocala resident