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Friday, April 19, 2024

The roads are falling apart

To the Editor:

For almost eight years now, we have been paying an extra penny sales tax to pay to fix the roads and supplement emergency services. Every four years, it comes up for renewal by Marion County voters.

Well, the roads are falling apart with all the growth, and the county wants to stop seeking voter approval every four years to keep the tax and extend it to voter approval every 20 years. Twenty years is almost a generation. That means that first we vote, and then we get to vote again 20 years later to see if the money has been spent wisely.

They are trying to trick voters in Marion County so they can use the money for their pet projects instead of fixing the roads. Do not let them do this “switcheroo.” Vote against this proposal. The four-year approval is just fine, but once the county gets a hold of this revenue stream for 20 years, you can kiss the money goodbye.

Jack Shepherd
Ocala resident