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Roxie Ann Kendall

Roxie Ann Kendall
Roxie Ann Kendall

Roxie Ann Kendall, known affectionately as Roxie to all who knew her, passed away peacefully on May 12, 2024, in Ocala, Florida. Born on December 18, 1953, in the picturesque town of Montpelier, Vermont, Roxie’s journey through life was marked by an unwavering zest for adventure and a heart full of love for her family, friends, and beloved pets.

Roxie’s early years in Vermont’s serene landscape instilled in her a lifelong passion for the great outdoors. This passion blossomed further when she found the joy of motorcycle riding, a hobby that brought her immense pleasure in her youth. Roxie’s love for the mountains and the freedom of the open road were central to her character, and she often reminisced about the wind on her face as she traversed the country’s scenic byways.

Her spirit of adventure was matched only by her deep devotion to her family. Roxie’s husband, Fred Kendall, stood by her side as her partner and best friend throughout their marriage. Together, they created a home filled with laughter, support, and enduring companionship. Roxie was the mother of Carrie Jagers and Travis Sargent, grandmother to Chelsea and Chase, and great-grandmother to Austin. Roxie’s faithful dog, Hemi, and her cherished tuxedo cat, Boots, were her constant companions, sharing in her love for life’s simple pleasures.

An avid traveler, Roxie’s favorite destination was the Grand Canyon, a place that captured her heart with its majestic beauty and timeless grandeur. She relished the opportunity to drive around the country, taking in the diverse landscapes and communities that make up the tapestry of America. Whether it was a spontaneous road trip or a planned excursion, Roxie embraced each journey with enthusiasm and an open heart.

Roxie’s presence was a source of happiness and stability for those around her. Her friends fondly remember her infectious laughter, her ability to see the bright side of any situation, and the comfort she provided in times of need. Roxie’s unwavering positivity was a beacon of light, especially for her husband, Fred, whom she kept grounded and sane through life’s tumultuous moments. Throughout her life, Roxie maintained a spirit of joy and a gracious attitude that endeared her to all. She approached each day with a smile, ready to share her warmth and kindness with the world. Roxie’s legacy is one of love, adventure, and the enduring strength of family bonds.