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Man accused of sex with miniature pony pleads not guilty, demands jury trial

Nicholas Anthony Sardo

A Citra man who was arrested last month after being accused of having sex with a miniature male pony has plead not guilty in the case.

In doing so last week, 21-year-old Nicholas Anthony Sardo is essentially demanding a jury trial, documents on file with the Marion County Courts show.

Major Crimes detectives from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested Sardo on Nov. 19 and charged him with four counts of engaging in bestiality/sexual conduct with an animal, jail records show. Sardo initially was held on $4,000 bond but was released on $400 bond on Nov. 27.

Jackie G. is owned by some of Nicholas Anthony Sardo’s family members.

A witness came forward on Oct. 16 and told detectives that she had seen Sardo having sex with the pony named Jackie G. in a pasture on a family member’s property three days earlier. Another witness, who also reported seeing the act, said she approached Sardo and he “immediately admitted to her that he had sex” with the pony,” a sheriff’s office report states, adding that Sardo also confessed to the crime at the time of his arrest.

Court documents also show that Sardo initially confessed to having sex with the pony. He said he used a condom each time he committed a sex act on Jackie G. – four times in one week – court documents show, adding that Sardo said he knew what he did was wrong, he doesn’t know why he did it, he is a “sick man” and he’s very sorry for what he did.

Sardo “admitted to his grandmother that he had sex with Jackie G.” And he told his aunt the same thing, documents say.

Jury selection for Sardo’s trial is set for Jan. 22. He also is scheduled for a status conference on Jan. 8 and a pretrial conference on Jan. 11.

Sardo’s family members own the pony and it’s currently under their care. Stipulations of his future contact with the pony could be determined by a judge in the future.