Quick-handed shoplifting suspect claims he was rushing to pick up his kids

Christopher David Rosado

A Citrus County man caught stealing from an Ocala Wal-Mart on Thursday was also carrying a controlled substance without a prescription.

A loss prevention officer at the store, located at 9570 SW Hwy. 200, told the responding deputy she observed Christopher David Rosado, 28, of Beverly Hills, on camera grabbing items from his shopping cart with both hands, scanning the items in his left hand but not scanning those in his right hand, and then placing all of the items into a grocery bag.

The employee said Rosado finished the transaction with several unscanned items in his cart and proceeded past all points of sale before being stopped and taken to the loss prevention office, the sheriff’s office report states.

The deputy viewed the security footage and saw Rosado place several unscanned items into a grocery bag as reported. The total value of the unscanned items was $94.79. Rosado told the deputy he didn’t mean to steal the items but was in a hurry to get his kids, the report says.

Rosado was searched as part of the arrest. In a fanny pack he was wearing, the deputy found an orange bottle containing 59 orange pills with “Mylan 345” printed on them. He conducted an internet search and determined the pills to be Diazepam, a Schedule IV controlled substance. Rosado told the deputy a friend gave him the pills.

Rosado was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and petit theft. He was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Friday on $2,500 bond. A court date was not scheduled.