Foal burned in barn fire making recovery with help of Equine Performance Center

A foal that was burned in a barn fire and neglected afterwards is steadily recovering thanks to the efforts of the Equine Performance Center and Maricamp Animal Hospital.
Last month, a three and a half-month-old foal by the name of “Wildfire” was burned in a barn fire, receiving severe burns on the entire left side of her body.
Wildfire was burned badly in a barn fire
Wildfire, the three and a half month old foal that survived a barn fire, is currently recovering from the experience
Wildfire survived a barn fire that left her with severe burns all along her body
Despite surviving the barn fire, Wildfire was left her with severe burns all along her body
After finding out that Wildfire was being kept in subpar conditions, members of the community purchased her from her owner and immediately began to take actions to save her life.
The group contacted the Equine Performance Center (5590 NW Hwy 225), where doctors agreed to help Wildfire before reaching out to Saving Paws and Hooves for additional assistance. Saving Paws and Hooves is a non-profit organization based in Central Florida  dedicated to saving and helping small and large animals in life or death situations that have no financial assistance available.
“So far she is doing very well with her first treatments and we expect an excellent recovery as long as she receives all of the care and funds needed for her treatments,” said Kristen Beran, Director of Marketing at the Equine Performance Center.
Next month, the Maricamp Animal Hospital will host a Saving Paws and Hooves Annual Festival to benefit animals throughout the community. The festival will be hosted on August 24 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The event will bring together animals lovers to raise money for pets who are in life or death situations at the hospital (4485 SE 53rd Ave), including Wild Fire.

There will be food and drinks, live entertainment, fun and games, and an auction with all proceeds going to pets in need.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, donating, or participating, visit the Saving Paws and Hooves Facebook page.