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Bank Street Patio Bar opens in downtown Ocala to enormous fanfare

Bank Street Patio Bar officially opened its doors in downtown Ocala this past weekend to thousands of Ocala residents eager to see the one of the newest additions to the city.

Despite opening to enormous fanfare, the patio bar, which sits caddy-corner to the parking garage at 120 E Fort King St, would make even the largest crowds in Ocala seem small: Bank Street Patio Bar is easily the largest bar and restaurant of its kind in the city. It is no exaggeration to say that the restaurant is so large, it could easily be separated into three or four separate locations.

Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida
Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida

It features not one, but two full bars on either side of the property, in addition to two patios. The first patio is accommodating to say the least and is perfect for large parties looking for dinner and drinks in a kid-friendly environment. No smoking of any kind is allowed on the property and security personnel are present throughout.

Patio at Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida
The first patio at Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida is ver spacious

At the end of the first patio is an indoor bar with large televisions and a comfortable seating area that is also capable of accommodating larger parties and groups. The bar is fully stocked with liquor, beer, and wine and features an illuminated surface for a sleek finish.

Indoor bar at Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida
The indoor bar at Bank Street has televisions and comfortable seating

In addition to the outside bar, the first patio, and the indoor bar, the second patio puts a cherry on the otherwise impressive Sunday that makes Bank Street Patio a treat for all who visit. The space encompassed by the second patio could easily be another location in and of itself. It provides the restaurant with a section for private events, and for spill-over seating in case the first patio and bars are filled. The second patio is filled with soft outdoor seating areas and provides yet another spacious, family-friendly environment.

Bolstered by the atmosphere, drinks, and its sheer size, it might be easy to overlook the fact that Bank Street Patio Bar offers food options. The graffitied buildings alongside the first patio, which resemble food trucks, have walk-up windows that invite visitors to order at their leisure. The menu is filled with a variety of lighter fare including tacos, flatbreads, bowls and salads. A kids menu features options for grilled cheese and flatbread.

Graffiti food truck at Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida
Graffiti-covered buildings serve tacos and other food at Bank Street Patio Bar in Ocala, Florida.

The restaurant has also equipped itself with an impressive stage and speaker setup that will feature live music on a regular basis.

Stage at Bank Street Patio Bar
The stage for performers at Bank Street Patio Bar comes equipped with speakers

Bank Street Patio Bar is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., staying opens until 12 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

It is another addition in a string of recent restaurant openings. Last week, Black Sheep on Broadway also opened its doors in downtown Ocala and replaced Fox Den Tavern and has seen a warm welcome from the community.

Find out more information or read about their specials by visiting the Bank Street Patio Bar website.

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