Owner of Fat Boys Bar-B-Q issues statement regarding recent health inspection closure

The owner of a local restaurant that shut down temporarily after a failed health inspection issued a detailed explanation through Ocala-News.com’s Facebook page recently.
Nicholette “Nikki” Stumpf, the owner of Fat Boys Bar-B-Q located at 4132 NE Silver Springs Blvd., addressed the recent closure after the failed health inspection.

The closure took place on October 8 after the health inspector reported seeing roaches and excrement around wood shelves under equipment on the cookline.

Stumpf took to Facebook to detail the day in question and explain the steps the restaurant took in response. Read her complete comment here:

Breaking News? This happend last Tuesday. It was after lunch and yes we were shut down. Food temps are an issue? Everything was spot on… Inspector literally checks every single item and our tomatoes were out of temp. Do you know what this could mean? It could be many different things. My guess was one of the staff was going to slice a few up, got busy, so put them back in the cooler. It happens. They were thrown out. As far as the roaches…yep. Unfortunately there were roaches in the wood of a 49 year old stand that supports the cook line..it was the end cap that I haven’t been able to replace yet, which one by one, I’ve replaced every single thing possible when the funds allowed us too. I DID NOTICE roaches by that cabinet, something me nor my bug guy had a problem with in quite some time. He came in immedietly, for the last week before this he’s been by several times, including the morning the inspector came. When she came she took a flashlight to every service, crevice, etc. And when she hit that same exact area she found more. I should have hit that cabinet with my fist like she did, i should have checked it better. My fault. And guess what? I paid for it dearly. She did her job, she shut us down and I had to deal with the financial consequences and embarrassment of letting my employees down. Then as a team, my staff took apart a 49 year old cabinet and sealed the entire thing as if their livelihoods depended on it. Which in reality it kinda does…doesnt it? Then 9am the next morning the Inspector came in and repeated the process. Then Tallahassee cleared us to open. Then we’ve waited for the storm to start on social media. The one where people chime in, share experiences from years ago, repeat what a friend said, tag people…I could go on and on. FatBoys has a past. I’ve lived it, I have stories too. Yes we were shut down for gnats this year before this, we bought a cleaning system for the plumbing that we couldn’t afford to fix that issue… I could write a book in response to a lot, but I’ll end this now. Fat Boys BBQ located on the blvd opened Aug 1970 by the Stumpf family, my grandparents. My Dad ran it along with my Aunt, we’ve had employees who have worked there since the 1970s and I now run the place. 49years. Same location. Same family.. SAME OPEN pit with a REAL wood fire burning every single day. Unfortunately we have the Internet now and the double edged sword that brings. Ocala will complain when there are no more REAL mom and pop small business’s left. So thank you Ocala Post for the brraking news and thank you to the community for the support!! -Nikki **EDIT: IT’S OCALA NEWS THAT POSTED THIS, WHOEVER THEY ARE. THANK YOU!! WAY TO DO YOUR JOB.

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