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Monday, November 28, 2022

Commissioner: 150,000 pounds of litter collected in Marion County is ‘disgusting’

A Marion County Commissioner is disgusted with the amount of litter being collected across the county.

Michelle Stone, who represents District 5, made the comments during the June 1 meeting of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners.

“Over 150,000 pounds of litter were collected by people walking on our roadways,” said Stone, referring to a recent litter report. “I think that’s disgusting.”

Stone suggested that the problem was one that individuals had to approach daily.

“If you see somebody [littering], let them know to stop being a litter bug,” said Stone.

Marion County Commission Chairman Jeff Gold suggested that harsher punishments might be more effective in sending a message.

“Hopefully some of them will get fined or go to jail, and hopefully that will be more influential,” said Gold of those caught littering. Gold, who said the amount of litter was “getting ridiculous,” indicated that one local business owner was so frustrated at litter in a nearby lot, the owner stationed a dumpster in the lot to prevent further littering.

Stone did take time to point out that not all were on the wrong side of littering, thanking businesses that take the time to go out and collect.

“I commend those businesses that do community service work to help keep Marion County clean.”