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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Readers express mixed feelings about Ocala’s parking meters

Ocala-News.com readers expressed mixed feelings about Ocala’s parking meters in a collection of letters and comments submitted to the website.

John Lazaruis believes the parking meters should remain, suggesting their absence would be met with demand by local shops.

“One thing [parking meters] will do is keep the shop owners from taking those free spaces,” said Lazaruis in a letter to the editor.

Dixie Cook of Silver Springs said she avoids shopping in downtown because of the meters.

“It is much easier to go to the outlying stores with no parking problems,” said Cook.

“Please continue the use of parking meters. They provide a much-needed revenue source,” said Steve McNeil of Ocala.

The comments came in response to an Ocala-News.com article about Ocala parking meters and the revenue the city has generated through them. According to a report presented during a recent Ocala City Council meeting, this fiscal year, Ocala has collected $76,945 from parking service revenue.

Do you support the continued use of parking meters through the city of Ocala? Share your opinion in a letter to the editor.