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Monday, November 28, 2022

Marion School Board Chair hopes to work with county to tackle litter issues

The Marion School Board Chair is hoping to work together with the government to tackle litter issues across Marion County.

Nancy Thrower, who represents District 4, made the comments during the June 8 meeting of the Marion County School Board.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to clean up,” said Thrower. She went on to explain that because of recent comments made by the Marion County Commission regarding a renewed focus on litter, she thinks the school board can make for a beneficial partner.

Thrower says that although children learn the importance of recycling when they are at the elementary level, the awareness can sometimes wear off by middle and high school.

She is hoping to work with the county to continue to educate students and believes that the results will be evident.

“We’ll be able to tell if it’s working because our streets will be cleaner,” said Thrower. “I think it would be good for community awareness and community pride.”

Earlier this month, Marion County Commissioners derided the large presence of litter across the city of Ocala and the rest of the county.

“Over 150,000 pounds of litter were collected by people walking on our roadways,” said Marion County Commissioner Michelle Stone, referring to a recent litter report. “I think that’s disgusting.”