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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

As city grows, more public transportation makes sense

To the Editor:

As the city grows and population and business density around the downtown core increases, it only makes sense for more public transportation. The old rail tracks that run down Osceola Blvd adjacent to city hall is a golden opportunity to link Downtown Ocala to the surrounding neighborhood.

Not only would it provide convenient transportation as far as the Maricamp Corridor running from Silver Springs Shores to downtown attractions and business, it would serve to alleviate congestion and parking troubles. As the City Manager has pointed out, parking situation is “critical” and although a second parking garage is likely unavoidable, access to parking outside of the downtown core is eminently more desirable. A visitor coming from The Shores or even Belleview could park their car at a convenient location near Jervey Gantt, Baseline Road or Brick City Park off of Lake Weir Avenue.

I’m all for establishing an Ocala trolley or light rail to accommodate more visitors to the downtown area while cutting down on parking demand, increasing safety and reducing the need for large parking lots and garages downtown.

Brandon Cellura
SE Ocala

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