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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Cleveland resident: We have been visiting Ocala for 30 years because of Silver Springs

To the Editor:

Every year my family comes to visit my sister and her family in Ocala. She moved there in the mid 90’s and we’ve watched Ocala grow over the years. One thing that we love to do is take their boat out to Silver Springs and see the wildlife. Just last week, we saw two manatees and several alligators and an abundance of turtles. It is just beautiful and serene going down the springs taking it all in. We do not have this in Cleveland and it is a joy to see. Some things are best left unchanged. Spruce up the entry area for boats maybe, but don’t add retail. It would be a shame to mess with nature. Too much is already taken from them elsewhere. Please leave this as is so that all people can enjoy. We love Ocala!

Tracey Wilson
Cleveland, Ohio

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